What We Offer

Who We Are

Darling Machine Tools Co., Ltd.

is a diversified services company, focused on exporting Metal Working Machinery and Wood Working Machinery through efficient
communication on technical support and application solution in the fields of Machine Tools.


To be your best partner for future, we serve professional and Industrial markets with most technologically advanced products and
solutions to create win-win deals.


Building Trust in the team is our main spirit.

Darling Machine Tools is confident of being your Trust Team for long term cooperation.


Our Goals

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our company.

We are committed to provide our products at the right price to work for common interests between buyers & suppliers.


Our main business items

Metal Working Machinery

* CNC machines or Frames

* Conventional Lathes

* Conventional Milling machines

* Drilling machines

* Grinding machines

* Sawing machines

* Sheet Metal Working machines


* For other machines, please provide detailed specifications.

* Machine Accessories (such as vise, 4th Rotary table, chuck…etc)

Wood Working Machinery & Accessories