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What We Offer


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Horizontal European Bandsaw (Inverter series)


1. Capacity: 90゚  250mm   250x250mm   240x285mm
                    45゚  190mm   180x180mm   100x190mm
                    60゚  120mm   100x100mm   100x120mm
                  L45゚  180mm   150x150mm   50x200mm
2. Double miter cutting (R60˚ / L45˚) by manual.

3. Main blade motor 1.5HP

4. WG-285DSA : 2 speeds, 50HZ, 4P 72mpm, 8P 36mpm

    WG-285DSAV: Variable blade speed (inverter) : 20-85mpm

5.Hydraulic motor 1/2hp

6. Blade size 27x0.9x2685mm

7. Packing Size: 1785x775x1650mm

8. Machine weight: 310kgs


Machine Features:

Double miter cutting (R60˚ / L45˚) by manual.

The new design of swiveling control box can avoid the interference while the sliding vise base movement,and reduced volumetric efficiency.

Symbol-based control panel is easy to understand and to operate.

Sliding vise base can avoid the interference during the angle cutting.

The special design of dovetail working table is smooth movement for sliding vise base.

Hydraulic vise clamping is labor-saving and easy to operate.

Aluminum gear reducer has a hands-down advantage as a heat conductor.

Mobile coolant tray is convenient for catchment during the angle cutting.

Motor inverter controlled blade speed (optional).