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Horizontal European Bandsaw (Inverter series)


1. Capacity: 90゚  350mm   330x330mm   200x500mm
                    45゚  330mm   250x250mm   145x340mm
                    60゚  210mm   135x135mm   125x220mm
                  L45゚  290mm   230x230mm   60x345mm
2. Double miter cutting (R60˚ / L45˚) by manual.

3. Main blade motor 3HP

4. Blade speed 20-85mpm  

5.Hydraulic motor 1hp

6. Blade size 34x1.1x3880mm

7. Packing Size: 2240x930x1770mm

8. Machine weight: 677kgs


Machine Features:

Double miter cutting (R60˚ / L45˚) by manual.

The new design of telescopic control box can avoid the interference while the sliding vise base movement,and reduced volumetric efficiency.

Sliding vise base can avoid the interference during the angle cutting.

Mobile coolant tray is convenient for catchment during the angle cutting.

Motor inverter controlled blade speed to provide a high efficiency and variable speed conversion.

Human-Machine-Interface control panel provides easy and simple opeating system for users and built-in 6 error conditions with display on screen (WG-500DSAH)

It's available in a choice of panels.

Material feeler is used to detect cutting height automatically to reduce cutting cycle time.

Rack type quick action vise and hydraulic vise clamping.

The linear bearing is used in the sliding vise base for moving smoothly and operational method.

The separation of down feed knob from control panel is easier to operate.